On the Blog Header…

The image in the blog header is a painting by Grayson Engleman titled “Tonight.” Grayson says about this painting:

This piece initially arose by pure accident while working on another, but when the idea revealed itself to me I could not resist. The entire thing is a study in contrasts and to me that always makes for a mix of drama and romance.

For me, this painting harkens back to the bayous of Louisiana. Though I’ve been in Kentucky for almost two decades, Louisiana is home and still has a hold on me.

As I’ve grown in my profession, I’ve come to appreciate those philosophers who take the abstract work of academia and weave it into the fabric of daily life: the trials and accomplishments, sufferings and joys, that permeate life. South Louisiana has seen its share of suffering, trial, and struggle, yet her citizens persevere and endure. They are a people who are immersed in the concrete of the every day, but under-girding all that they do are the perennial questions of philosophy.  To me, they embody the marriage of philosophy and life (for good or ill). Hence the use of Grayson’s “Tonight” as the site’s prominent  image.

You can visit Grayson’s Facebook page to see more of his work: Engleman Art

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