About Danny

Danny McDonald graduated with his PhD in Philosophy from SBTS in 2014. The emphasis of his studies included the relationship between faith and reason, metaphilosophy, and epistemology. He also obtained a secondary emphasis in church history, specifically ancient Christianity and its intersection with philosophy.

First and foremost, Danny is husband to Angie, whom he met on the first day of seminary. He is father to three beautiful daughters.

Danny has over eighteen years of experience in education, having taught at the high school and college level. In addition to teaching experience, he also has administrative experience at the higher education level where he has served as financial aid officer, academic counselor, registrar, and program leader for General Education. Danny’s experience includes both traditional face-to-face education and online education. Currently, Danny serves as a faculty development specialist at an online management provider, where he trains faculty in best practices for online course delivery. He also serves as an editor for the Center for Teaching and Learning, and has headed up a research initiative project aimed at identifying the needs of adjunct faculty in the online setting. In addition to his full-time job, he serves as an adjunct professor in philosophy and church history at a local college, and an adjunct professor in philosophy for an online university.

Danny’s current research interests focus on the nature of philosophy (metaphilosophy). Specifically, he seeks to understand the nature of human reason in order to counter the overemphasis on reason’s ability (as in science and Enlightenment thought) and skepticism of reason’s reliability (postmodernism). Related to his overall focus on metaphilosophy, Danny has also delved into the role of narrative as an epistemological act and the issue of race in Western philosophy. Finally, Danny is currently working on a book that seeks to connect today’s apologetics with its past.

For more information, see Danny’s curriculum vitae.

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