A Review of John Frame’s “History of Western Philosophy” at the Journal of Biblical and Theological Studies

Earlier this year I had the opportunity to review John Frame’s A History of Western Philosophy and Theology for the Journal of Biblical and Theological Studies. The number of histories on Western philosophy are legion, but Frame’s stands out for his explicit connection of Western philosophy with theology. Too often, histories divorce philosophy from theology, but a cursory knowledge of intellectual history reveals that such an approach is forced and unnatural. As such, Frame’s History is a more honest approach to the history of philosophy.

In this review, I highlight the strengths of Frame’s work – a work that doesn’t quite rival Copleston’s History, but one that provides a significant contribution to the field of the history of philosophy. Though there is little by way of weaknesses in Frame’s History, I do believe that there are those who will disagree with his Van Tillian interpretation of philosophy’s history.

Nevertheless, Frame’s A History of Western Philosophy and Theology is a must-buy reference for any believer. The reading is accessible and does not presume any theological or philosophical background.

Would enjoy hearing from you!

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