Christ-Shaped Philosophy Project – Evangelical Philosophical Society

I am a little behind in discovering this, but EPS has begun what they’ve titled as the “Christ-Shaped Philosophy Project,” which took shape after Paul Moser’s paper titled “Christ-Shaped Philosophy: Wisdom and Spirit United.” among other works of his.  One great aspect about this project is that all papers submitted under this project is free to every one, so if you are not a member of EPS, you can still access and download the papers under this project.  You can access the homepage for the Christ-Shaped Philosophy Project here, at which you can access all of the papers submitted thus far in response to Moser and others.

This is indeed, in my opinion, a much needed project, especially among evangelicals, as confusion over the role of philosophy in theology reigns in evangelical circles.  And, as Christians who are interested in philosophy and seek to serve our Lord through philosophy, this project can help to further define and clarify what Christian philosophy is and how a believer can confidently serve the church through philosophy.

Take a gander at this great resource.  I’ve already download Moser’s first article and look forward to reading subsequent articles.

Would enjoy hearing from you!

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