Interview with Dr. Cabal: Final Thoughts – Philosophy Serving the Gospel of Jesus Christ

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My Thoughts

As stated in the introduction to this interview, philosophy has been and still is largely misunderstood by most Christians [scholars and laymen alike].  If one views philosophy in a narrow sense as a discipline that only upholds those ideas that are set up against God, then his apprehension about philosophy is rightly understood to an extent.  Yet, to view philosophy in such a way is to completely misunderstand what philosophy is, its importance and its role; it’s akin to one refusing to eat meat because of the number of cases of high cholesterol brought about by fatty foods such as meat.  Yes, one can abuse the use of meat in his diet, but when eaten properly, one can receive the nutrition provided by meat intended for a healthy, well-balanced life.  Likewise, philosophy, when used properly, provides the necessary tools for one to develop a well-thought, well-defended understanding of the Christian faith (1 Peter 3:15).

Our ability to think rationally is a gift from God given to us when He created us, and philosophy is the discipline in which all aspects of life are sought to be understood rationally.  As such, we must not be unwise stewards of this gift, nor should we shun this gift.  Christians above all should take seriously our responsibility to “think hard about things,” thinking through issues and rightly applying the Word of God in all facets of life.  Let us not be found to be lazy thinkers.  Now, I must confess that I am guilty of lazy thinking more often than not.  For far too long, I’ve merely accepted for the most part the tenets of the Christian faith without seriously and thoroughly thinking through my beliefs.  But, through my recent philosophy courses, I’ve come to the realization of the necessity for believers today, especially myself!, to thoroughly think through issues and to understand the issues at hand in today’s day and age, and philosophy is a discipline in which one can learn to do so.  May we not view philosophy as that discipline designated only for non-Christians, but as that which Christians should champion for the defense of and furtherance of the Gospel of Jesus Christ for the Glory of God.  Philosophy, rightly understood under the authority of God’s Word, can be a valuable tool in the Christian’s hand.

What I want do not intend to say in this post and in my interview with Dr. Cabal is that philosophy is to be studied by all in the sense that all must be well-versed in philosophy.  Far from it!  Rather, I hope to show its importance in the life of the Christian and the importance of having some sort of exposure to philosophy.  We live in a world today that is increasingly hostile to the Gospel of Jesus Christ; we must be ready to give an answer for our faith and be able to understand and expose the false beliefs of this world.

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